Concord Equity Group, LLC  Mortgage & Real Estate Investments  

Concord Equity Group, LLC and its affiliated companies (CEG) have been investing in real estate properties and mortgage receivables throughout the United States since 1990. CEG has invested in many types of real estate and receivables secured by many different property types and obligators, including the following:

• Residential and Commercial Development Land
• Office, Retail and Industrial
• Self Storage
• Night Club
• Golf Course
• Resort
• Single and Multi Family
• Condominium
• Church and Non-Profits

With this breadth of knowledge and experience, CEG is uniquely qualified to assess many different types of assets and continues to pursue these investments.

On the real estate side, CEG seeks underperforming assets in different markets throughout the United States. We purchase assets to reposition through renovation, more effective management and different marketing techniques. Once these improvements come to fruition, CEG either holds these properties for long term growth or re-sells them through conventional channels to retail buyers.

With receivables, CEG can thoroughly assess the quality of the asset whether it be an owner financed mortgage, annuity or lottery winning. These receivables are also held for long term cash flow or sold on the secondary market.

CEG welcomes you to read the following information about our company. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in selling a real estate property, mortgage receivable, annuity or lottery winning or if you have any further questions.